Technical description

Technical Description of Office, Residential, and Sanitary Containers from Futures Contproduct with Solid Walls

Office and residential containers are self-supporting in their construction and are transported and delivered as turnkey buildings. They feature a solid welded steel frame around the perimeter, resistant to twisting. The frames are ISO-standard compliant and can be assembled and connected as needed side by side, back to back, or stacked. By omitting exterior walls or incorporating partition walls, spaces of arbitrary sizes can be created.


Made from 3 mm thick cold-rolled welded steel profiles and box sections. Container corner blocks have dimensions according to ISO standards.

  • Frame Construction: from cold-rolled 3 mm thick steel profiles S 235, EN 10025, and box sections with a 2,050 mm (center-center) spacing for fork pockets.
  • Insulation: 60 mm thick mineral wool (density 90 kg/m³)
  • Bottom: 0,6-0,7 mm thick galvanized sheet, PE-Film Optional: up to 150 mm insulation
  • Floor: 20 mm thick particleboard (E1)
  • PVC floor covering 1,5 mm, grey, welded strips. For an additional charge, welded as a tub in sanitary containers (with PVC extended 100 mm on the side walls).
  • Covering: 0,6 – 0,75 mm thick galvanized steel sheet (ČSN 11375) St 38 with double seam.
  • Insulation: 100 mm thick mineral wool plates, PE-Film. Optional: up to 150 mm insulation.
  • Interior Ceiling Cladding: 10 mm thick double-sided laminated particleboard E1 in white color.

Made from 3 mm thick cold-rolled steel profiles S 235, EN 10025 (ČSN 11375) St 38.

  • Frame: load-bearing frames made from wooden beams.
  • Interior Cladding: 10 mm thick double-sided laminated particleboard E1 in white color or wood decor (for an additional charge).
  • Exterior Cladding: from profiled (trapezoidal) galvanized sheet thickness 0,6 – 0,75 mm, painted in RAL shades.
  • Insulation: 50 mm mineral wool (up to 150 mm insulation for an additional charge).
  • Frame: wooden frame
  • Insulation: without insulation or with 50 mm mineral wool insulation upon request.
  • Cladding: white particleboard or light oak wood decor, thickness 10 mm.
  • Exterior Doors: single-leaf doors with steel frame, door leaf from galvanized steel sheet, dimensions 875 x 2000 mm, with cylinder lock and 3 keys.
  • Interior Doors: upon request, at the entrance: veneered wooden doors with honeycomb filling, right or left opening, sizes 850 x 2000 mm, 750 x 2000 mm, 650 x 2000 mm.
  • Office and residential containers: with insulated glazing, FIX/OS, PVC roller shutter.
  • Sanitary container: PVC window 600 x 450 mm with insulated glazing, tilting, ornamental glass.
  • According to ČSN, VDE Standards, TN-S network CEE-external plug and socket 380V/32A/5-pole.
  • Installation is done under plaster. The same applies to sanitary containers but in moisture-proof design.
  • Upon request, installation for IT networks and according to, for example, Norwegian standards.
  • Upon request, special installations (communication, antenna wiring – or preparation for such wiring) are possible.
  • Upon request, the possibility of installing electric underfloor heating.
  • Standard design in PVC, possibility of copper or UPONOR.
  • Supply: PVC pipe ½”, ¾”, or 1″, side supply through the container wall or floor.
  • Hot Water Preparation: flow-through heater or electric boiler – size according to the container type (5-1000 liters).
  • WARNING: Boilers with a volume of 80 or 150 liters are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 6 bars, a 300-liter boiler max. for 10 bars. For higher water pressure, a pressure limiting valve must be installed!
  • Drainage: PVC HT pipes (Æ 50 or 110 mm) connected inside the container, side exit through the container wall, and must be directed to an approved sewage system.
  • Two-component paints in RAL shades: RAL 5010, 7035, 9002, 9010.
  • Other colors for an additional charge. Possibility of multicolored containers for an additional charge.
  • Paint layer thickness: Base: 40µm Minimum painting: 80 – 100 µm.
12. THERMAL INSULATION calculation:
  • Floor (10 cm): k-Value: 0,384 W/m²K
  • Roof (10 cm): k-Value: 0,384 W/m²K
  • Exterior wall (10 cm): k-Value: 0,384 W/m²K
  • Windows k-Value: 1,1 W/m²K
  • Doors k-Value: 1,8 W/m²K
  • Containers can be stored empty 2 stacked. For assemblies with 3 floors, reinforced corner posts are installed in the workshop.
  • Floor load capacity: 250 kg/m²
  • Snow load: 200 kg/m².

Individual container is resistant to wind force of 100 km/h without anchoring.


The container must be placed on a level surface prepared by the customer (foundation beams of wood or concrete with 6 support points per container) with a tolerance of +/- 10 mm per container. The same applies when placing and assembling multiple containers into a unit. Containers can also be placed on concrete strips, with the frost depth corresponding to local conditions and ground properties. Flatness of the foundations is a prerequisite for smooth and uninterrupted assembly and flawless condition of the entire set.